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Rates  Please Contact Us for a more detailed rate structure.  All assignments will incur an initial fee covering up to two hours of service.  An hourly rate will apply per hour thereafter.  Rates for all interpreters will be negotiated at time of request.  High profile, platform, conference, highly technical, and any other higher demanding assignments will incur an increased rate of 10%.   A job intended for two interpreters but only performed by one due to no show, late cancel or any other reason will be billed by the one interpreter at time and a half. This is specifically enforced when the hiring entity takes it upon themselves to hire interpreters to team with CLR Interpreters and there is a no-show or late cancellation by their hired/contracted personnel.

Coverage  Assignments in duration of 1.5 hours or more generally require a two (2) interpreter team.  Links & Referrals can be made to assist in securing additional services or we can schedule interpreters for you at the agreed upon rates prior to scheduling.  A full day of work will not be billed as multiple short assignments.  Due to the high demand and low supply within the industry, requests should be made three or more weeks in advance of the assignment start date.  Unless previously negotiated, interpretation occurs when both members (Hearing and Deaf) of the intended communication parties are present. 

Reimbursable Charges  Parking, mileage, tolls, lodging, meals and any other travel or preparation costs will be negotiated at time of request.

*Emergency/Holiday Fee  Assignments requested for holidays or for last minute emergencies will be billed at an increased rate.  All jobs less than two hours will be billed at the initial fee rate covering up to two hours of service.  Similar rates will apply for other interpreters. 

Cancellation  Cancellations made with less than 2 business days notice (not including weekends) from the assignment start time are considered untimely and will be billed in full.  No-shows will be billed without exception.  For multi-day assignments (4 days +), the following policy will apply: 5-7 days notice, 50% billed.  2-4 days notice, 75% billed.  Less than 2 business days notice (not including weekends), 100% billed.  This policy excludes weekends. 

Professionalism  CLR Interpreting adheres to the Code of Professional Conduct under the Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf which can be found at: http://www.rid.org/ethics/code-of-professional-conduct/

Payment  Net due 30 days from invoice date.  Late fees will be assessed for every 15 days late according to the fee structure below.  Any fees incurred for returned checks will be billed to match fees incurred by CLR Interpreting.  Preferred payment includes checks made payable to Catherine L. Russo or charge card/government procurement card (Visa, MasterCard, Discover only).

Late Fee Structure
$0 - $1,000 = 5% penalty per 15 days late
$1,001 - $2,000 = 4% penalty per 15 days late
$2,001 - $5,000 = 3% penalty per 15 days late
$5,001 - $10,000 = 2% penalty per 15 days late

*Holiday fees will be assessed according to the U.S. Government federal holiday schedule which can be found at: